The building in which our hotel is located is more than 200 years old. In the olden days it was used as a barn and belonged to the premises of the Nöthnitz Castle.
After the Second World War, in the course of the land reform, the property of the house and a few hectares of land were passed on to a “new farmer” who expanded the barn to a house and stables.
His descendants had no interest in the house and garden and let it come to ruin. Thus, the whole premises were passed to the German state. Afterwards, the house was unoccupied for five years.

In the Eighties, we were looking for an adequate property in order to build our own home. We still were quite young and inexperienced. The location close to the town, the heavenly silence, and a lot of space for gardening made us decide to buy the plot in 1987.
Until the wall came down, the rebuilding happened slowly as we had to do everything by hand.
But after 1989, we changed our plans and decided to start our own business and to build a small hotel. Instead of stables, which were planned for the right part of the building, guestrooms were created. The hotel was opened in 1994 and expanded to the upper floor in 1996.

The former cherry tree plantation close by, as well as the many old sweet cherry trees on our property inspired us to give the hotel the name “Pension Am Kirschberg” (Hotel by the cherry tree hill).
Today, we are one of the better-known addresses in the local tourist business. Many guests have already experienced our hospitality and have enjoyed the rural spirit of the property and its surroundings close to the city; and many of them come back.